The chest and your eyes healthy tips


It is the myth, motherhood, life. It is the female breast. Women pride, fear it, compare it, deny it. But it is up to us to keep it healthy, vibrant and beautiful. With information, early diagnosis and proper care, will treat anything that threatens both in medical and in aesthetic level.
For healthy breasts

We mammography
All women should undergo regular intervals, depending on their age and family history, in some tests that are considered station for controlling the good health of their breasts. Breast cancer in the last 25 years while increasing in frequency decreases in death presented. This is a great success for the science of oncology and kudos belong mainly to the early diagnosis, because if breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, it is treatable. The value, therefore, mammography is undeniable. In women without a family history, the first mammography is recommended at the age of 40 years. Beyond that mammography should be repeated every year and this because after that age the risk of the disease increases. In women with a family history burdened recommended control mammography be about 10 years earlier than the age at which breast cancer appeared in family member fell ill. In women aged 25 to 30 years usually avoid mammograms for the following reasons:
* At this age, the mammary gland is very dense and therefore the test is low diagnostic value.
* The risk of breast cancer is low.
* The mammary gland in young age are more sensitive to radiation and for that protect from radiation if there is good reason. But if no finding, then the doctor may recommend a mammogram at any age and if the woman.
It is also worth noting that if a woman aged 25 to 30 years not in the situation in which a person close to her family environment developed cancer at the age of 35-40 years, so that should start mammograms 10 years earlier, it can at this age to undergo a physical examination and if necessary a breast ultrasound.

Cut smoking
Avoiding or quitting smoking is a recommended practice for breast cancer risk reduction. Studies even show that not only active smoking, but also passive can have negative effects on the mammary gland. A condition of the breasts directly associated with smoking is perithilaio abscess (inflammation near the areola), which can come in chronic form and afflicted for a long time the woman. Therefore, smoking is considered breast enemy.

Do not overdo it with alcohol
Numerous studies has long been advocate of moderate consumption of alcohol, because it improves their heartbeat, and a protective function for our vessels. In contrast, however, these other studies coming studies that link the consumption of alcohol with a higher risk of breast cancer in menopausal women. In fact, according to a large study by the National Cancer Institute, USA, observed that women who drank 1-2 alcoholic drinks a day faced a 32% higher risk of tumor incidence, while those who ate more (3-5 drinks day) hurled these probabilities to 51%, and in accordance with the alcohol researchers intervenes in the metabolism of estrogen.

We maintain our weight stable
The weight is not just about aesthetic and cardiovascular problems and breast cancer. According to studies, obesity increases the risk of breast cancer especially in postmenopausal women. It is important, therefore, to keep us stable weight throughout our lifetime and especially after menopause.

Avoid hormone therapy
The hormone replacement therapies are mainly used in women who are in menopause, it would be limited to a relatively short period of time as set by the doctor. The long-term use of hormone replacement formulations has been associated with cancers such as breast. Even if there is a great need for hormones, it generally should not exceed 2-5 years.

Breastfeed our baby
Being a female early in life of pregnancy and breastfeeding the baby for some time considered a good agent to reduce the risk of breast cancer, while it appears to reduce the possibility that the baby accumulated overweight during its development. However, since breast cancer is a multi factorial disease, it is not absolute.

For beautiful bust

The chest is beginning to develop in adolescence and is one of the major physical changes. Estrogen (hormones produced by the ovaries) contribute to the development of the chest, which ends around the age of 17 years. But passing through various stages of life, the most important pregnancy, the breast changes, and because it relies on the help of tissue (called fibrous breast elements) is prone to relaxing. Therefore, as we age is not as tight as before. To remain as youthful done and standing height, should be the daily spend a little of your precious time.

choosing bra
The bra holds the breasts and leaves it to relax. The soft bra give him a round, natural shape. They have elasticity, no seams and take shape. The right bra should cover the entire breast. If any part of the project, you need a larger number. The straps should not be too tight if you have a large and heavy breasts can not be too thin. By the lift too not manage to further lift the chest, but only the back of the bra. The bra you wear daily is sure to cotton, to allow the chest to breathe.

Pectoral tips
* Start your day with a cold shower. Use lukewarm water to the top, starting from the feet, and as you ascend upward sure to gradually make more and more cold. Circular motion around each breast with cold water for 2 will rejuvenate.
* After showering, then spreads to the chest with a moisturizer.