The CMD Was Signed For The Medical Care Of All Uninsured

Medical Care

By Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) signed by the competent ministers included insurance, all uninsured in the country.

Who had no medical, pharmaceutical and hospital care, either because they had lost their jobs, either because they had closed their businesses

The Deputy Security Minister Dimitris Stratoulis, Health A. Xanthos, Social Solidarity Th. Photios and Administrative Reform C. Katrougalos signatory CMD “Arrangements for ensuring the uninsured access to the Public Health System” stressed that this measure is a dire social need as a result of mnimoniakon policies were uninsured thousands of Greek either as unemployed or because they closed their businesses.

In particular, the Forum. Stratoulis stressed that there will be an income test to cover all the uninsured and added: to have legal residence in the country and to have legal documents, while for the uninsured under 18, ie minors, neither legal documents required. ”

According to JMD nursing and health care beneficiaries are the population categories, if not entitled to it directly or indirectly from any insurer, legally residing in the country and have legalization of residence documents.

As beneficiaries of nursing and health care uninsured out in particular:

-Greek Greek origin citizens or expatriates and their family members

-Polites The EU member states and their family members
-as Registered in pension funds registers and their families but are not entitled to health benefits from these due debts

-Children Up to 18 years if they are uninsured or qualify for health benefits for any reason, regardless of their legal status

-Atoma With disabilities hosted in structures of the Social Welfare Centres or other Entity institutions or private entities non-profit where uninsured or qualify for health benefits for any reason, regardless of their legal status.

-Women Pregnant if they are uninsured or qualify for health benefits for any reason, regardless of their legal status

-Atoma Disabled 67% or more and those whose state of health requires hospitalization or need constant medical care or rehabilitation due to refractory or chronic or incurable diseases or rare-disease (as evidenced by medical reports or competent health committees)

-Atoma Hosted in therapeutic communities for rehabilitation, eg OKANA, KETHEA Program Over 18 of the WMA, the PHT or monitored as outpatients

-as Residing in Greece with residence status on humanitarian or exceptional reasons and their family members

-The Applicants for international protection, ie asylum, and their family members

-Member Of Fine Arts Chamber of Greece and their family members

-Logotechnes And their family members

-Greek Musicians, singers and other workers in the entertainment business working occasionally

-Greek Monks and laymen and monks of the Monastery of Sinai and clergy of the Patriarchate

-Agonistes National Resistance – war wounded and their family members

-The Detainees in prisons, guests minors in education institutions and in accommodation for minors roofs of minors companies (Entity) and find themselves in administrative detention

-Thymata Crimes of Articles 323, 323A, 349, 351 and 351A of the Penal Code (under P.D.233 / 2003), being uninsured and as long lasting protection and assistance measures and foreigners within its provisions of N.3875 / 2010 “Ratification and implementation against Transnational Organized Crime United Nations Convention ‘, and as long lasting protection and assistance measures.

The Health Booklet holders Unsecured have free primary and secondary health care in proportion set by the Unified Health Benefits Regulation (E.K.P.Y.) EOPYY.

What are the benefits:

a) benefits in kind as part of preventive medicine

b) Medical clinic examination, administering medications and performing paraclinical or laboratory tests by public health facilities

c) Provision of dentistry – Stomatological care

d) Full hospitalization beds in C position

e) Administration outpatient pharmaceutical care to treat or cure chronic diseases, as well as other cases provided with free participation for administering drugs and vaccines

f) midwifery care benefits – medically assisted reproduction

g) Rehabilitation Acts as physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy

h) evacuation by water, air and other motorized Ambulance

i) Administration of medical devices and consumables or other necessary preparations for the event by tackling issues of treatment and rehabilitation of injury or disease or condition of

j) Go for treatment / treatment abroad

k) By Ministerial Decision issued where appropriate and where there is a demonstrated inability to hospitalization mentioned in Article 1 institutions provided treatment in private health service units in accordance with the provision of Article 44 of N.2082 / 1992.