The Erotic And Emotional Cancer

 Emotional Cancer

Cancer is a mysterious sign, full of contradictions.

They want security and comfort in the love life, but there are times when looking for a new adventure. He is complicated for the partner, and sometimes can be unstable and indifferent. He has a strong personality that can easily be hidden beneath a calm exterior appearance. It may come out of his shell and fight, but can also be hidden away in the depths of the ocean. It is very predictable.

There is always something more to see in a relationship, it is always partially hidden behind the shell. He has deep feelings in his soul and intuitive mind, hidden from the world. It is highly sensitive and easily hurt and this may be the reason that has its shell as a defense to avoid hurt by others.

Cares and protects his companion, but if you offend or hurt him, coming into the protective shell that keeps him safe from harm. In love is complex, fragile, unpredictable and needs constant support and encouragement, more than any other sign.

When Cancer gets the support it needs, the offer back in return.

When you feel offended, closed in himself and depressed, instead of facing the unpleasant situation face to face. This unnecessarily prolongs the pain and misery. They are very possessive, not only material goods, but also with the person he loves.

Usually they want to keep contact with the old relations, because it is easier to maintain a friendship than to try to trust again. It’s easier that way for him emotionally. Cancer is the perfect parent, as is the sign that represents motherhood. It has unlimited love and care for his companion, more than any other sign.

It is very intuitive, has an excellent memory and are very able to read his partner very well. You can usually understand his intentions, whether good or not. Never try to fool a Cancer, you can see your motives! He has to deal with many emotional issues, but once you overcome the insecurity, there is almost nothing you can not do. The strong intuition, sensitivity and observation of him to have great success in anything takes.

Cancer in love, siex and relationships

Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is a very sensual woman, with deep feelings and passion, under the seemingly calm appearance. He takes time, patience and tenderness. Do not wait to be opened to you instantly and easily make money. We will make the first move, you will need to do all the work.

Never attempt to direct it, because Cancer woman with insight, she will understand your motives and can see you through. Trust is the most important thing to have. If you ever betray her trust, maybe not never see again. You need love and security.

The Cancer woman is the perfect woman for the man who wants to have a female-female in his life and is looking for romance. It is sensual, sweet and playful and you both will join together in a slow, erotic dance … and the relationship slowly built. If you feel that a firm and solid foundation, offers the wealth of emotions of the relationship. It is somewhat old-fashioned, sensual and intense femininity, if you are the man who can give her what she wants. Remember: a relationship with a Cancer woman will reward you and can last a lifetime.

Male Cancer

Cancer man will not be direct with you. They will approach you slowly and carefully. It’s very romantic, will flirt you and make effort to win your heart with rich gifts and attention. The reason will never be direct with you is that it has inwardly the subconscious fear of rejection. If you are interested in a Cancer man, rather you should make the first move and ask appointment. It falls in love easily and immediately put you into his world.

Once you feel that you belong to him, you will make all your wishes, but can become quite jealous and possessive. This is because worries of losing another love and that will feel overwhelmed in the soul and spirit. He will be faithful to you, because he wants reciprocity emotions in a serious relationship and men Cancers are the most loyal of all the signs. They are excellent lovers and meet the woman he loves.

They are very affectionate and will keep your lap all the time, looking for the constant physical contact as he absorbs any situation and the feelings experiences. Cancer man can not directly show your feelings and may show seemingly calm exterior, but underneath, in his soul, he will feel deeply and intensely. easily offended, so do not make caustic jokes and do not mock, it will hurt, but again, it will not know it. He feels lonely melancholy while they try to understand and analyze what you said.

He is the man protector is like the knight on the white horse! If you’re the kind of woman who wants tenderness and care and seeks dedication,

How to Attract a Cancer Virus

You should be immediate, because the cancer is not. Show him your feelings and this is the first step to starting a relationship with Cancer. That way, you will not likely to suffer rejection, as this is one of their greatest fears. If you are looking for respect of one night, be straight with him. Do not make him believe that there is the case of long-term commitment, because they will damage the sensitive and romantic feelings.

Trust is the most important. Build trust in your relationship and gradually draw closer to you. Make several compliments, but be careful, because easily sensed when the false praise. Be honest, ask his advice, share your problems (but not in a burden), enjoys helping people and advise.

He likes to have several experiences. Do not press for relationship or to make a decision on the spot. They will avoid you and will run away from you. Be patient, this is the key to attract him. Be physical with him, looking for genuine love. They are very careful and as time goes by, slowly grows love and will come closer to you, making a great and stable relationship.

The erogenous zone Cancer

The erogenous zone for Cancer is the chest. Both women and men respond well to hugs especially chest. He wants caresses softly and tenderly. Never be violent. Put your fingers through his hair or breasts, caress him slightly and this will ignite the passion that lurks within.