The Female And Male Brain Works Differently When Works

Brain works differently

Scientists knew from previous studies that when men and women are called to deal with an issue that requires cooperation, often approach the issue differently.

New research shows for the first time that the issue is not just about psychology and behavior and in the same way that the brain works.

Researchers from the Medical School of the University of Stanford, California, led by psychiatry professor Alan Rice, who made a notice published in the journal “Scientific Reports”, experimented with 222 volunteers, who were divided into pairs and asked to cooperate in an activity on the computer.

At the same time, the researchers recorded the brains imaging methods of people and found that men and women have different “fingerprints” of brain activity in the phase of cooperation.


From this, the researchers had assessed how likely the cooperative behavior in both se-xes evolved in different ways for thousands of years, which continues to be reflected in their brain so far.

“The issue is not that men or women are better at cooperating or that they can not cooperate with each other, but that there is a difference in how they work together,” says Rice said.

Cooperation, among family members, friends, colleagues etc. colleagues considered the cornerstone of human society. Previous studies have found differences between the two genders: eg women cooperate more when they watch other women, while men work better in large groups than women.

Also, a couple of men work better than a couple of women, while in a mixed couple woman showing greater willingness on the man cooperation.

The new study shows that these differences do not only concern the psychology and behavior, but is visible in the same ‘circuits’ cooperation in the brain. It also confirmed that, on average, male couples get along better together than female. Also-and this was most aprosmeno- seemed mixed male-female couples are equally good collaborative performance with purely male couples.