The Lack Of Love Affects The Development Of The Baby’s Brain

 love to baby

The brain scans show unambiguously the amount of damage caused to a baby deprivation of love from his mother.

This confirms our recent US study of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), which was published in the Daily Telegraph. Scientists compared the images of two to three years.

The first enjoyed love and emotional care of his mother, had a normally developed brain for his age. The second had a mother who was indifferent or mistreated. The brain of a child who did not take the necessary care was much lower than would be expected at his age, with much darker areas and dark areas than the brains of other children.

What are the consequences in later life of those infants?

The child in the normal brain will become more intelligent, more likely to develop empathy capacity and as a consequence the possibility for expressions of compassion for a fellow man of, which is determined by specific brain region. Instead.

The child with the small brain is more likely to have adult tendency towards addiction to commit violent crimes, and may develop psychological and other serious problems ygeias.H treated properly in the first two years of a baby’s life can be has a serious impact on development, professor Alan explains score from UCLA, as well as the genes responsible for many brain functions, such as intelligence, can not perform.

Indeed, many of them may never develop as a consequence,