The Mistakes That Teenage Girls In Skin Care

Skin Care

Some tips for the little ladies are now beginning to discover the world of cosmetics and proper skin care.

Does my ladies you know your skin, needs and behavior of the various cosmetics before you end up buying a product? I hope that will catch you or at least those that do the following errors is not too late to fix them.

Mistake 1:

Many girls do not know the type of the skin, although it has some glitches. They use the products of their mother or buy the same cosmetics used their girlfriends. In the selection of care products do not look the fashion trend but the skin needs.

You know how many problems can cause a wrong face cream; For example, if you use a fatty cream with lots of oils in oily skin then clog the pores, not breathe and can not eliminate the pollutants. The same applies if you use a non-oily cream on dry face.

To diagnose your skin, notice the reactions pulls after cleaning, during the day presents oil has many blackheads, the pores are dilated and more. To you are unsure, seek the opinion of an aesthetic or do the diagnostic test in the majors cosmetics site. Remember that you must be strange for your skin, the better your knowledge more easily select the right products.

Mistake 2:

Many girls do not know how to clean their skin, some believe that a common facial soap is enough, others think that when the skin pulls after soap cleaning means. Regardless if you makeup or not the skin needs daily cleaning. A good and gentle soap that suits your skin type does not dry and leaves the pulling sensation.

After making the diagnosis of skin you have, look for the suitable cleaning, which must be gentle, do not contain alcohol and common soap which dehydrate the skin. Choose cleaners with natural oils and extracts that remove dirt and makeup while not disrupting the natural mantle of skin protection.

Very important – never to sleep without you clean your skin – the results of this bad habit will look in the future.

Mistake 3:

When your skin is very dry and often presents scales, do not neglect, is a sign that needs extra moisture and nourishment. Use a special moisturizer to balance skin condition. This way you will avoid irritations, skin damage and premature aging future. The same goes for oily skin that needs special care balancing.

Mistake 4:

Pimples and acne is a transient state of puberty, gradually subsides, but often due to poor treatment of acne skin becomes more intense and the treatment difficult. So do not tamper with pimples, as impossible as it may seem to you, try it, because you will avoid many bad consequences. Use gentle care products to balance the skin or contact an experienced dermatologist.

Mistake 5:

As much as you like sunburnt skin should think that when you destroy surf city or sunbathe without sunscreen. Each Sunburn will show signs of the future. So do not forget to wear your sunscreen daily to face, neck, d̩collet̩ and on all bare body parts Рyou do not want 30 you get wrinkles and freckles! Combine your sunscreen with sunglasses and hat.

Mistake 6:

Do not try to cover skin imperfections with heavy make up products. Remember you are little ladies, the more natural it seems your skin the better, after all the defects such as pimples will not be there for a lifetime. Using an appropriate and very heavy make up often causes malfunctions in the skin such as excessive oiliness, strongly pimples, blackheads and dull skin. Choose moisturizers with color offering medium coverage, does not clog pores causing the skin to breathe and often have SPF sun.

Mistake 7:

Many girls share their cosmetics with their girlfriends – big mistake. Cosmetics are only and strictly for personal use, to prevent infection. So you should not share lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, eye and lip pencils, brushes and sponges.

Mistake 8:

Proper and balanced diet plays a large role for healthy skin and body. Many teenagers prefer junk food – fast food, fried food, very greasy food, snacks, soft drinks, sweets and other, but they know how bad do on their skin? All these foods aggravate the skin condition which mainly presents strong oiliness, pimples and dull. Fruits and vegetables improves skin health and the whole body, and not like you would need to integrate into your daily diet.

Also very important for healthy skin is water, drink as much water as you can every day, even if not thirsty. If the body does not receive the required daily amounts of water, the first signs of dehydration appear on the skin.

Now that you know your mistakes and correct them follow a proper daily care.