The Mother’s Love Affects The Size Of The Brain Of Infants

 Mother's Love

The answer to those who insist that there must be mothers spoiled children with many hugs:

It is now scientifically proven that maternal love and tenderness affects the size of the brain of infants.

A shocking scan comparing the brain to two children three years gives revealing new data on the effect of maternal love in the growth of a child’s brain. In the picture below, the left brain belongs to a child three years received a lot of love and affection from his mother. Right, shows the brain of a 3 year old child who has suffered considerable neglect.

Clearly, the first child is significantly greater brain with much fewer spots and dark unclear areas.

Neurologists argue that the latest images show that the treatment of children in their first years of life is important, not only for emotional development, but also determines the size of their brains. Experts say the difference between the two brain is caused primarily by the manner in which their mothers have treated these two children.

While at first glance, the pictures may show that the child with the right brain has suffered a serious accident, neurologists say the sygkrimeno child has been neglected and abused by his mother.

The child with the largest and most developed brain in contrast, grew up with love, in a supportive home and had the attention and the care of his mother.

Researchers reported in The Sunday Telegraph, that the child in the left image are projected to become more intelligent and have the ability to empathize with other people. Instead, the child on the right image has greater potential for addiction to drugs, to engage in violent crimes and to stay unemployed.

Professor Allan Schore, the UCLA campus (University of California, Los Angeles), explains that in the first two years babies rely on a strong bond with their mothers to develop a healthy brain. “The development of brain circuits depend on it” states and adds that 80% of brain cells grown in the first two years of life. Potential problems during this period, affecting humans throughout his life. Moreover, the researchers report that the longer the neglect by the mother, the greater the impact on the brain.