The Secrets For Perfect Poached Eggs

How is a poached egg? Learn how to do it like a pro!

Sometimes, the lighter meal, egg, may be difficult to. Learn the secrets to perfect poached eggs which do not dissolve and retain their shape.

Step 1: Do not regret the refreshing water
No need to fill the pan or Kats Roli TSA brim but made sure to be at least halfway.

Step 2: Take a little vinegar
The vinegar will help the egg to ‘bind’ quickly and not dissolved.

Step 3: Hot water – is a key
E. One of the biggest secrets for poached eggs is the hot water. Make sure that the water is near boiling temperature to break and throw in the pan your egg. The trick is to break as much as possible low to keep the shape of the egg.

Step 4: Lower the fire
Once the egg roll, lowered the heat so that the temperature is stabilised at a level slightly below the boiling temperature. If the water boils, bubbles and turbulence will stretch out and separate the egg.

Step 5: Take out with a skimmer
When the egg is solid and the yolk as you want, depending on whether you want soft-boiled or firmer result, remove the egg with a slotted spoon, not to dissolve. The poached ready for consumption.

Good appetite!