The Smart Side Of Running Healthy Tips

Running for weight loss

Bother with running? You train regularly and participate in all the races? Now you can watch your performance, sharing distances, and your paths with others.

No need to be a champion. Suffice it that you like in sports, while loving and technology.

What is the activity trackers
What we need is an activity tracker or fitness tracker as you meet otherwise. It is those “strange” straps you see wearing your teammates and always wondered what they are doing.
There are in all sizes, shapes and colours. Others are very simple and other more sophisticated with display screens and buttons. In any case, the modus operandi is the same: They have special sensors and able to record the distances travelled, the steps that you, the calories you burn, your heart rate and various other indicators of your business. In fact, some even record your sleep.

Some activity trackers operate autonomously and others should be connected to your mobile phone wirelessly (meaning you have to have your smartphone with you). So, using the supplied app, choose the activity you do (running, walking, cycling, gymnastics, etc.) and start. You will be setting goals which will try to reach and surpass, and the app keeps detailed statistics of your progress, and the paths you have done, which you can see on a map. All these elements can share them with friends and teammates.

Choose what suits you
In the Public stores, you can find a wide range of activity trackers for simple use, to very sophisticated for most … conscious runners. In fact, some models are waterproof and can be used in the water, such as Garmin VivoSmart. Other feature and can view notifications for incoming messages and calls as the Samsung Gear Fit2, while others monitor your activity or run or … sleep, such as the FitBit Flex Wristband

Finally, because running is a lonely sport, what better than to listen to your favourite music while you in sports? For this, you will need earphones and special pockets for your smartphone. See here all headset / handsfree of Public stores, while the Bluetooth category you can find stereo wireless headsets to not annoy the cables.

Special cases and armbands for your mobile, well … caps with integrated handsfree (brilliant idea) ¬†you can find here.