Tips For Effective Cardiovascular Exercise

The MEN 24 presents 10 simple tips to do cardiovascular exercise pleasure taking maximum benefits

That should do cardio all know and only think that you need to presume half an hour and now the machine agkomachontas struggling and sweating is daunting.

cardiovascular exercise

The good news is that we can change the time/income ratio and do cardio a fun exercise if pros exome some things that do not qualify as the exercise itself as its parameters. If there’s a will there’s a way!

Do you like

This general principle applies to life, to exercise and especially in cardio. Of all the cardio offered in gyms try them all and choose what is more fun. You can choose between the treadmill, stepper, cross trainer, rowing and other machinery. If you have a related hobby, an egg bike you can do cardio on the bike with thin or high-intensity dilepton that alternate with the rest of the program. The machines are in gyms have programs ready and if you use your bicycle will need a clock pulse counter and a program that can be purchased from a trainer.

Will make you pay

Unfortunately, it is. When we pay something then we oblige ourselves to do it. Here you could think of purchase household equipment

as a corridor. If the price seems prohibitive, then you can spend on equipment or accessories eg shoes, a sports watch, gloves k..a And the more you spend the more cardio you do.

Prepare properly

It is no coincidence that gyms are putting screens in front of the machines, as well as music to occupy their minds practitioners. However,   The solution is to find the music we like or a movie you want to see in order to have “comrades.” Better to spend an hour preparing for the music than to spend half an hour longer boredom in the machine.


If you can not find a machine to keep your interest over time you can select two or more, and instead of 30 minutes for example in growing to 15 and 15 on a bicycle. This increases the burning calories because the body does not immediately adapt to the change of exercise.


Then ten minutes then try this. Where do exercises with weights and your body is sufficiently warmed up, you can run vigorously on a treadmill for two minutes between sets? It is most painful way requires exercise and fitness but definitely ends before you know it.

Fitness – injuries

cardiovascular exercise heart beat regular

Many times our extended exercises seem painful because we do not have the required physical condition, or we are tired or have not recovered from an injury. B.C. if you try to run every second or third day and you must be sure that you have the level for both regular workout. Start on a machine with a low level and try to increase gradually and over time. Champion with good morning no one was.

Maximum results

The best results come when we use a machine that works the entire body. An elliptical activates all major muscle groups including abs, back, two-headed, calf and in 20 minutes you will consume 300 calories. At the same time a bike only 200. So start with the machine and the program that suits your level but then as you improve and try more complex cardio.

Send “buns”

If your goal is fat periventricular and not physical improvement you can increase your results by doing cardio when the body has low levels of energy. This is early in the morning or after an exercise with weights. I do not recommend because it is hard for the body, but it works!

Send “buns” II

Again this tip is not for those who want to rise or to strengthen their organization, but for those who have decided that after exercise because it requires the Agency to tap existing energy reserves for his recovery.

Intensity – pulses

Can you have heard many times now, but perhaps not to have given importance to. So I left the topic of heart rate last. As for cardio and do outside of the optimal pulse area is lost time. So we need to calculate with relative precision.