Tips For Teens Who Want To Lose Weight

teens want to lose weight

According to Rousseau adolescence is the “second birth”, that leads to life itself. The acceleration of growth in this period is analogous to the infancy and the body of the teenager and transformed into the adult body, no dramatic changes. These changes to achieve a normal rate, require increased nutritional needs through a balanced ( that leads to life itself  ‘nutrients  ) diet that provides all the nutrients needed by the teenager.

But alongside the physical changes, a series of special features that characterize this age, prevent meet their needs. Feeding them out of the house with sweets, carbonated drinks and snacks has resulted filled with empty calories at the expense of their main meals. Others in their effort to change their weight, choose methods that have devastating effects on their health and development, such as deprivation diets, avoiding meals, deprivation of entire food groups (eg carbohydrates), starvation or even use slimming pills, vomiting, and over-exercise.

The secret to tackling the “pitfalls” is the correct information. A girl who is interested in having a good appearance, a healthy and vibrant body, shiny hair and eyes, strong nails, nice skin, and a boy who is interested in muscle development, vitality and strength of, first need to learn how all those obtained with proper care. A balanced diet is a way to take care of our bodies and to keep it beautiful and powerful. All the other methods mentioned above just cause the opposite effect, i.e. failure, inhibition of muscle development and a tired and weak body.

Weight loss during adolescence should be done at a much slower rate than adults and controlled in parallel and the development (increase amount). Rapid weight loss does not mean fat loss, but a loss of fluids and muscle mass, which reduces the basal metabolism of the teenager, resulting in adulthood to beset most often repeated diets without result.

teen want to lose weight

The key first step that must be done to achieve the goal of a healthy and shapely body, which will make the adolescent or teenager feels good with his body, is the adoption of a healthy breakfast every day. Breakfast is the most  ( 1 fruit or 1 cup milk with )important meal of the day and its consumption  As for the fruit is the best ally of the teenagers is the cornerstone for building a day full of vitality and creativity, however demanding they may be. A boiled egg with a slice of bread and a glass of juice or 1 yogurt with muesli and 1 fruit or 1 cup milk with 1 slice of bread with honey or 1 piece of homemade cake and 1 fruit are just some of the options of a complete breakfast meal.

The next goal is the eating more fruits and fresh raw vegetables, to ensure coverage of vitamins and minerals. We do not forget, no matter how hungry, that a salad bowl is essential to accompany lunch. As for the fruit is the best ally of the teenagers during the day and meet their needs in between their meals when they are at school or before the tutorial or before and after exercise. In combination with a snack rich in fiber (such as homemade cereal bars or sandwich with turkey and cheese or bun Thessaloniki or nougat etc.) can maintain blood glucose levels and consequently the proper functioning of the brain and body power stable.

Although most teens in their quest to lose weight, avoid with great fervor. Most certainly you will find that you only fail in the end, is to eat that they meet as the hunger felt at that time of great fatigue is rampant. It is, therefore, important to anticipate our hunger before he could become uncontrollable. A light evening meal as a piece of homemade cake or toast with turkey and cheese or 1 cracker with tomato and cheese would be a good choice for the end of a busy day.

In conclusion, a teenager needs to be trained in such a way that shows respect to his body and to understand the usefulness of covering its needs. The scale can not show nor beauty, nor health.