Some Tips on Oral Hygiene and Health Protection

World Day of oral health.

Dental Clinic Congratulations Indigo in this day and offer some tips on how to protect your oral hygiene and, consequently, health.

– Brush your teeth two times a day, morning and afternoon, after meals for 3 minutes. The time for that track, and began to wash his favorite song, song of the late Complete brushing your teeth too;- Chekhovian then use the special dzapi.misi cleaning teeth teeth through the food waste is released;

-propilaktikis months after brushing, twice a day, the company should use the preventive oral rinse. Mouthwash is necessary for the cheeks, gums and palate to clean the brush mucosa may vitsmendt. oral rinses to the pharmacy and for your selection with your dentist to help. In addition, preventive, there is a cure for oral rinse, the doctor will prescribe, if necessary;

-kbilebis with brushing, to purify the language, as it has a lot of bacteria collected;

-on There are three types of brush – smooth, medium and fresh. It is recommended that patients use a brush in the medium term, which should be replaced every 2-3 months. Soft brush only after the prescribed operations, however, are rare. As for the hard brush, it is not our vunishnavt patients;

Oral hygiene

– In addition to the usual brush it is electric, with prices around $ 15 to get started and get into many parts is possible. Use the electrical box, if it is more convenient for you. It usually does not have a special brush advantage, but the brush is much better to clean the back teeth of the rear walls;

-For those who have a high sensitivity and wash the teeth are hard to find, suitable for toothbrushes ultrasonic and electrical, cleans teeth without mechanical pressure, but it is expensive. The cost of $ 130 to brush cyberspace to start and $ 200 dollars, respectively, also achieves a special toothpaste for her at a cost of about $ 20, respectively. $ 24 to start the brush heads to price ultrasound.

Try different teeth gasakhekhad toothpaste. As a general rule, the same used in toothpaste, oral microflora resistance pastisadmi is gaining or losing sensitivity. Remember to brush your teeth by brushing more effective rules and less dependent – type of toothpaste;

-stomatology of check-ups, can vary from year 1-4 visit to visit, but you can also change your life in a different phase. As for the professional dental cleaning, I recommend this for your dentist at least once every six months to go. In some cases, it may be, this shemtsiredes period.

Remember this advice with the most important thing the oral health is directly related to general health. Oral health begins in the oral cavity of the individual and on occupational hygiene. It ‘important to note that the dentist’s recommendation. Thus, in order to prevent a variety of diseases, or to make a timely diagnosis and treatment early onset.