TurmaSlim – UPDATED Thermogenesis Supplement, Where to Buy?

Get slim without starving? A fantastic idea and the manufacturer of TurmaSlim promise such a great effect. “You ought to have the option to get more fit normally. One capsule the day before the meal and already the pounds would tumble there. ”

Yet, it sounds unrealistic. Is TurmaSlim a miracle cure or just another rip-off product? I took a closer look at the diet capsules and found something terrifying!

TurmaSlim and the Promise of Manufacturer:

TurmaSlim is a dietary supplement in capsule form, which helps to reduce weight quickly and effectively. According to the manufacturer, the capsules contain only natural ingredients such as green tea, black pepper, caffeine, cayenne pepper, chrome, and L-carnitine.


The manufacturer promises the following effects on the body:

  • Reduction of weight
  • Activation of lipid metabolism
  • Entrance of satiety
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Support of the intestinal flora
  • Burning of fat deposits
  • Elimination of swelling and water retention

For me, the promises of action all sounded very high, so I took a closer look at the sales pages!

User Experiences with TurmaSlim:

I am looking for reviews from customers who have tested TurmaSlim. I find on the various websites of the manufacturer before-after pictures. However, I have to say in my research that these are not all real users of diet capsules. I rediscover your photos on the internet, the pictures can be downloaded. They have nothing to do with the TurmaSlim capsules – these are not FAKE testimonials.


Have you already had experience with TurmaSlim? Then share your experiences and exchange ideas with other users and customers. Just use the comment function under this post.

The review is also fake?

Because of these facts, I take a closer look at the test report from an alleged doctor. She enthusiastically reports on the product and its effects. Also, she strongly recommends TurmaSlim. But even here, the manufacturer deliberately deceives the consumer. The supposed doctor is a photo model. Your image can be purchased at Shutterstock. Thus, the test report is fictitious.

Promise abused for promotional purposes?

The manufacturer is also not afraid to simply use a celebrity as an advertisement for his product. The US actress Melissa McCarthy is said to have lost 35 kilograms with the capsules. This amazing result is also accompanied by a before-after photo of the 47-year-old on the official website.

But the celebrity is neither an advertising medium for the company nor has she used the diet pills privately. The manufacturer of TurmaSlim uses not only brazen but also illegal advertising bags.

Is there any alternative of TurmaSlim?

Unfortunately, TurmaSlim is just another rip-off product, with so many effective fat burners on the market that keep their promises. Therefore, it is always worth looking for alternatives!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do regardless you have questions about the product? Then write to me. I try to answer your questions as soon as possible. Below I have summarized and answered some of the frequently asked questions.

Which ingredients are included?

The TurmaSlim capsules contain the following substances:

Because of these natural ingredients, no side effects are known according to the manufacturer.

How should I take TurmaSlim?

On a manufacturer’s side, I find information that you should take a capsule with enough liquid. However, I discover strangely that there are other details. On another website, I can read that you should swallow the capsules several times a day. It is described that in the morning one should take a white capsule, at noon one red and in the evening a blue one. But this seems very strange to me. On all pictures, one sees monochrome TurmaSlim capsules. It looks like the text has just been copied to the web page by another product.

Is it possible to buy it in pharmacies?

TurmaSlim cannot be bought in local pharmacies and online pharmacies.

Where can buy this supplement online?

The capsules can be ordered directly from the manufacturer online.

What do the capsules cost?

On the illustrated box you can see that it contains 30 capsules. On the sales side of the manufacturer costs one pack 39 $ instead of 78 $. This offer is supposed “only until the end of the day”. But this information is not true, because this reduced price is permanently visible during my research on the website. It is only the purchase pressure of the customer to be increased.


I also notice the dubious ordering process. The consumer should enter his first and last name as well as his telephone number. Then he is called back by an employee and the actual order is set in motion.

My Personal Opinion on TurmaSlim:

I think TurmaSlim is a rip-off product. The manufacturer deliberately deceives the consumer by using false before-and-after photos, inventing an expert opinion and even using celebrities like Melissa McCarty for his purposes.

Besides, I discover other sales sites of TurmaSlim, which look the same as those of EcoSlim and Revolyn Keto Burn. These dietary supplements have already been exposed as rip off products.

Whether the TurmaSlim diet capsules have any positive effects on the body, I cannot conclusively assess. However, it does not speak for a reputable manufacturer and an effective product when resorting to 3such dubious sales methods.