Turn Off The Signs Of Ageing

All treatments you can ask the dermatologist to win the lost firmness of your skin and look younger than celebrations.

Surely we do not want to welcome the new year with the dull, tired and wrinkly face that we see every day in our mirror. Fortunately for us, the science and technology have evolved to such an extent that we now have at our disposal machines, laser and innovative techniques that can help maintain youth and beauty, but also improve the scars it has left the time in its path. Above all, we emphasise the eyes and the area around the mouth, but not neglect our face and whole.

Plex: Renaissance eyes
The eyes are the mirror of the soul, which is why we all want a clean, bright and open look. Until now the only option we had to refresh our look was blepharoplasty. Now, however, thanks to science and technology, we have a new device: the Plex. This is a microsurgical device that uses a short arc that resembles a small bolt in order selectively to increase the temperature in a specific range exachnonontas dermal tissues without affecting the underlying layers, and to penetrate the basement membrane.

This new method tends to replace the eyelid of both the upper and lower eyelid 2-3 sessions. It also applies to other situations, such as scars, pigmentation, tattoo removal, etc., the most impressive application sublimation of excess upper eyelid from the first day to the tenth, with the end result reaches a depth of three months.

For perfect person
Once we manage to regenerate the eyes, we can proceed in a variety of other treatments in order to have the best possible result for the entire face. Today we have effective non-invasive treatments are the latest technology.
To e-Matrix Sublative RF (Fractional) for regeneration of the skin, eliminating scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and improve skin tightening.
The Fractional CO2 Laser (Edge One) for regeneration, tighten skin, improve acne scars.
The Vaginal Fractional CO2 (Edge One) for strengthening and rehabilitation of women vagina showing atrophy, vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence.
To Nd-Yag laser to regenerate and strengthen the skin and treatment of spider veins.
The botox, helping to ease the expression wrinkles. Specifically, it gives very good results in the “crow’s feet”, the glabella and forehead.
The Filler Hyaluronic Acid to restore lost facial volume and reduce wrinkles. They are widely used to improve the volume and soft tissue deficits and improve facial contour.
The yarns for tightening and enhance the facial contour. The threads are placed under local anaesthesia during a single office visit. It’s the painless process that lasts 30-40 and the person returns directly to liabilities. Using a fine needle, we create an inner thread mesh. The results are immediately visible while improving day by day, as the body produces collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid around them to create their own support grid. The application points of the method are in the face, but also the body. The implementation of threads can be combined with other treatments, such as radio frequency (RF), the Fractional Laser and autologous mesotherapy to strengthen further in effect and duration. It can be combined with Botox and Filler Yalouronikou Oreos.

The mesotherapy
is injectable treatments with materials suitable for any occasion, made the mesoderm (ie the dermis). When repeated, they have very good results. There are special substances for dark circles and other for wrinkles on the lower eyelid and periocular. In the smoker’s wrinkles gives good results as Restylane Vital, which is pure hyaluronic acid and applied as mesotherapy, and promotes hydration.

Also, the PRP (autologous) mesotherapy gives the shiny appearance and successfully applied to sensitive areas of the upper and lower lid and the upper rim. Performed by taking blood from himself concerned ( the amount equal to a general blood test), processing, activation and injecting it to the concerned person. It ha the excellent effect of skin whitening and tightening.

Chemical peeling
is made the skin peeling after the application of chemicals. Improve skin blemishes, dull skin and acne scars.

Treatment should be individualised depending on the problem, the cause and the person concerned. The combination of different treatments is the best way to achieve a natural and harmonious effect longer.

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