Uninsured: Issued With SSN in the NHS and with three criteria their healthcare

Uninsured Issued

Almost half months after the adoption of the Parallel Program which includes arrangements for the uninsured, issued the joint ministerial decision relating to the free access to all health facilities (NHS RPHL) upon presentation of SSN.

Regarding the free medical care, it will be carried to income, social and clinical criteria.

Indeed, as stated in the announcement of the Ministry of Health press office, following the enactment of Law 4368/2016 (parallel program) signed the Joint Ministerial DecisionThe CMD ensures free access to all public health facilities (including university hospitals) and health care of uninsured citizens by Minimizing bureaucratic procedures.
The benefits guaranteed by the CMD is equivalent to the benefits EOPYY Regulation (each nursing service, diagnostics, medical devices, etc.).
Uninsured citizens only upon presentation of their SSN and without any other procedure will be entitled to equal access to the public health system as well as the insured. Abolished the three-member committees and any financial burden for hospitalization in public hospitals. Concerning participation in pharmaceutical spending, introduced a system combining income, social and clinical criteria * (* Patients with chronic illnesses, disabilities, etc.) to ensure the exemption from

Participation for vulnerable social groups.
Control of these criteria will be largely automatically and in real time via the “chat” of electronic systems IDIKA and NGDE. Also, through the health care of foreigners will be issued by hospitals cover all vulnerable groups of migrants / refugees who need regular care card and live in the country, regardless of legal status (pregnant women, minors, the chronically sick, mentally ill, patients with severe diseases, drug addicts, homeless, etc.).