Unknown Aging Properties of Sugar

Not the title fool you … Unfortunately, we can not turn back time and show 10 years younger by eating sweets.

Consuming large amounts of sugar in the diet is associated with premature aging, as promotes -through a process called glykozyliosi- forming complex substances which destroy structural proteins of the skin, such as collagen and elastin.

But the use of sugar in the outer skin has the anti-aging effect!

Sugar has anti-aging effects when applied topically because it works as a humectant and moisturizing agent. This means that it helps the skin cells to absorb moisture. Also, the sugar is a source hydroxy methane (glycolic) acid, which improves the appearance and texture of the skin, giving shine.
The best way to use sugar as an anti-aging agent is to use a homemade facial mask. Grind a little raw sugar in a blender until a powder and mix it with olive oil and one teaspoon of raw honey to make up a homogeneous and viscous mixture. Apply on face for a few minutes and then wipe the face with water.