Vegetables For Weight Loss

weight loss

All vegetables are essential for slimming diets or to maintain an ideal weight.

But some of them can also help you lose weight faster thanks to their specific properties that remove fats and fluids. In this article, we will mention fantastic vegetables for weight loss and a healthy diet.

Green leafy vegetables, especially lettuce, are foods rich in vitamins, minerals and magnesium, also contain many fibers are particularly tasty and so it is good to combine with other foods daily. The lettuce also has a relaxing effect, which will help to prevent stress slimming diets can cause. You can eat it raw in salads or cooked in a soup or puree.


Still one of the best vegetables for weight loss is onion, which you can include a variety of dishes. Onions help you to expel toxins, prevent constipation and check blood sugar levels.

If you have no problem to digest, you can eat it raw in salads or as a garnish. You can also eat in creams, grilled, or even to make onion soup, which I highly recommend for people suffering from significant water retention or who want to clean their little kidneys.


Cucumbers are good in hot weather. It is a vegetable that contains a large amount of water and very few calories and so it is ideal to fill of you instead of other foods that will make you gain more weight. Eat in salads or as a garnish. Also, if is tender and biological recommend to eat the peel.

You can make a simple green gazpacho stirring or putting the mixer cucumber, parsley or fresh basil with a clove of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and a little sea salt. It is a very refreshing and diuretic beverage. And of course do not forget the tzatziki!


Broccoli is a vegetable with many healthy properties and, in this case, because it contains little sodium, low in calories and rich in fiber is excellent for weight loss.

The vegetable that helps you fight fat while frequent consumption also helps protect you from diseases such as cancer.

We recommend not to paravrazete to maintain its properties. A good sign is if it maintains its green color and has a slightly crunchy texture.


Garlic, a medical food that you should eat every day if you do not feel well, it is essential not only for your health in general but also for weight loss because it has the capacity to eliminate fatty deposits and cleans your blood.

If you can eat it raw, you can try to eat it by putting it on a toasted wholemeal bread slice, which will make its effect on your stomach softened. You can also select the capsules or pills sold in pharmacies or stores with food.

How to cook

If you want to lose weight, always avoid fried foods and instead choose steaming, grilling or baking, or garnish with a little olive oil.

You should also not to overuse of salt and should always choose sea instead of table salt.

Finally, you can use spices that will further strengthen the slimming properties of vegetables. For example, if you use spices such as cayenne or ginger, except they give a spicy and exotic flavor to food, also speed up your metabolism and increase the amount of energy you use.

If you have problem to digest some vegetables or if you cause gases, it is best to add a little cumin and aniseed when cooking.

You can also garnish with a little lemon juice or a few drops of apple cider vinegar, which help to improve digestion and fat burning.