Walk Without Getting Bored! Healthy Fitness

The walking remains the most popular physical exercise since it is simultaneously the most secure, easy and efficient. Know, then, how to make it more interesting as a daily habit and more efficient for your muscles.

The walking can provide benefits to all people regardless of the level of fitness, but also to be the safest exercise for chronic or traumatic phases (after consultation physician-trainer course). Emeis will help you in the appropriate program design, analyzing your basic parameters must be ensured that you have a full and safe exercise.

How to start

• Start your program in order to walk a total of 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Archie calmly walking normally for 2-3 minutes to warm up. After 2-3 minutes, walk by big steps (larger than normal) -as there are ponds with water and want to go through up- for another 1 minute.
• Continue now for 10 minutes with gradually increasing rate. First press the heel, after the remaining tread, until the noses. If you are going to do 30 minutes, with 10 minutes you have completed half your workout, so here is where turning and returning. You here, if you’re feeling tired, relax by walking slowly for 1-2 minutes. Also, it is a good time to do two stretching exercises for the legs or you can leave it at the end.
• Returning, you can walk the same intense pace or if breathless enough to walk about 1 minute faster and 1 minutes slower. Olokliroste your walking, walking the last three minutes more relaxed, making some great strides and waving hands-free.
• When you walk briskly, while moving his arms freely (more than usual), so as to aid walking, and working out the shoulders.

Basic parameters
Volume: O basic rule to measure the intensity under the Atomic Maximum Cardiac Frequency (MAKS.) Applies here naturally. Tin count if the 220 remove your age. Now, depending on your physical condition, you should: If you are a beginner (quite untrained) to move to 50-60% of MAKS. If you have moderate fitness at 60-75%, and if you have good to very good in 70 -85%.
Example: (For 40 person) from 220 to 40 = 180 beats / minute. The 50-60% of the 180 is 90 to 108 beats/minute. Control your heart rate measuring 10 your rings either the carotid artery or the inside of the wrist, by palpating the two fingers of the hand (index and middle). He number to find multiple for 6 and have the beats per minute.
Duration: According to the proposal of the American Society Athlitiatrikis (ACSM), to see the benefits to your health, should you exercise 30 minutes 3-5 times a week. If you can not do 30 minutes, due to resistance or a limited time, you can “break” the workout into 2 parts (2×15 minutes, morning and afternoon) Healthy fitness .
Frequency: already Anaferthike that the ideal frequency is 3-5 times per week. Aim for 3-4 times, so that it is realistic and feasible so your goal.

Make interest your program

There are several ways to vary your program, or designed to prevent the exercise of a routine that will quickly get bored or to complicate your ride if you like an easy path. The tips that follow will definitely find useful and help you what you solicit.
Albacete direction: As you walk, step off to the side, as if to turn right or left but to turn.
Side Steps: Walk with side steps 20-30 meters to one side and as many other.
Anaphora: Selecting a suitable place where you control a space, walk steadily backward. So working out and back of thighs.
Tighten the abs: Walk 20-30 meters tightening your abs. Loosen for 20-30 meters and repeat. You can do this 4-5 times during your walk.
Take dumbbells: If you really feel very comfortable, you get one-kilo dumbbells in hands and walk with them.
Walk uphill: If there is such a possibility, get on, raising the volume while walking at the same pace, you will find that your legs will “work” more.
Great oscillations hands: Without be left dangling loose, walking quickly, moving arms (bent, until you reach shoulder height in front and exceed your side when spread backward).
Walk on tiptoe: Workout calves more, walking for 15-20 meters on tiptoe. Rest for 30 meters and repeat.

The right outfit
• Choose comfortable shoes suitable for walking. If you are overweight or generally have the heavy physique, it is advisable to have shoes with good support, so as not to tire / bear your joints Healthy fitness .
• Choose comfortable clothes made from materials that “breathe.” Definitely, do not use nylon clothing to sweat more because they are unhealthy and all you offer is more lost fluids and not fat Healthy fitness .

By healthy figures ( Healthy fitness )