Want Glowing Skin? Learn The Secrets Dermatologists


You know that your bad daily habits are reflected in your skin to an impressive degree? So if you want the health and appearance of your skin improved became effective the following valuable tips dermatologists.

The skin is our mirror. It reflects not only our psychology and our eating habits and the general state of our health. For example, the edge may be an indication of a malfunction of the colon, while dry and dull skin and skin showing redness and rashes can indicate severe stress or diet low in essential fatty acids.

Still, the dry and dehydrated skin, warns that you may not get the necessary fluids for the body, but also the deep lines on the cheeks (between the nose and upper lip) mentioning “person smoker”.

Did we not do for our skin you really need? Let’s hear what they have to say about all this, the most qualified.

“Sleep to embellish”
The TIP Dr Ronnie Marks, emeritus professor of dermatology at University / University of Wales

Dark circles, puffy eyes, dry and dull skin … This appearance means only one thing: many late nights, making it imperative to make up for lost sleep to regain face freshness. This at least says common sense, who wants to sleep deprivation can affect the appearance of the skin. What is, however, to say the science? The first comprehensive study on this issue indicates the popular phrase “sleep can make skin”. At least argues study leader, Dr Ronnie Marks, emeritus professor of dermatology at the University of Wales, Cardiff, stressing that: lack of sleep “kills” beauty.

O most efficient sleep to health and the “reconstruction” of skin cells is one that lasts from 6-8 hours per day and is nocturnal.