Ways To Sleep Well Your Health

Today we will talk about the harmful effects on health non-quality sleep and give you some tips on how to sleep well.

Our body needs about 7-9 hours of sleep to be able to cope with our daily activities. This time varies from person to person. But those who sleep 6 hours or less expose their health at risk.

Lack of sleep causes various health disorders, such as
lack of concentration

Long term
Increases the risks of stroke
Increases the risk of diabetes
It causes memory loss
Leads to obesity
It weakens the immune system
Increases the risk of cancer
Destroys bones

No need for any reason to ignore such malfunctions health.

So if you are one of those who sleep at night less than 6 hours then follow the tips that will give you to sleep well and wake fully refreshed.

Tips for sleeping well
1. Try to wake up and go to bed every day the same hours. This will become your habit and you will avoid any difficulties that you have to sleep.
2. Start your day with a healthy breakfast.
3. Do not eat heavy meals before bedtime.
4. Avoid caffeine and energy drinks even hours before bed. Usually remain in your body for 3-5 hours after consumption.
5. Do not gymnastheite three hours before bedtime
6. The room lighting its a very important for your health. You must sleep in the dark or with very little light.
7. The room temperature must be pleasant for you, neither too hot nor too cold.
8. Avoid working in your room so your mind associate the room with sleep.
9. Establish a routine for bedtime. This may include: meditation, relaxing baths, soothing music, slow and deep breaths. The important thing is to find a way to feel relaxed so you sleep easier.
10. Do not watch TV before bedtime and if possible not to have a TV in the room that you sleep.
11. Drink a soothing tea.
12. Sleep with loose and comfortable clothing.
13. Avoid foods that are rich in fat and quite savory evening.

Below you will find beneficial natural methods for a restful sleep.

Certain teas that can help you sleep are:

Thanks to its relaxing properties, chamomile along with a tablespoon of dried flowers before bedtime is a very beneficial solution. also suggested its consumption during pregnancy.


Valerian has properties that help you sleep. After adding 15 g.

Of the root in a glass of water, let the mixture soak for one night and then drink the concoction to be created. Drink a cup in the late afternoon and another at bedtime.

Do not combine this decoction with antidepressants, antihistamines or anticonvulsants. Avoid drinking during pregnancy and lactation. Also avoid its administration to young children.

Boldo leaves
The boldo leaves are soothing and relaxing properties. Drink an infusion of 2.5 g. dry boldo leaves in 100 ml of water before bedtime.

Do not drink boldo leaves in case of diarrhea, if you have gallstones and not combine with anticoagulants or other drugs.


Excellent to soothe the nerves and to prepare you for a refreshing sleep. Place in a glass of water a teaspoon of dried hops and drink before bed.

Place in a glass of water a teaspoon of lime. Drink a glass half an hour before bed.

Make lemonade, add a few tablespoons of honey and mix with hot water.

Perfect beverage for people with anxiety and nerves. Take a bath with essential oil marjoram which will help you sleep.

Our proposals will help you sleep better and wake up with more energy so you can cope successfully with all daily activities. Do not exceed the recommended doses.

If you still continue to experience difficulty in going to sleep, visit a specialist.