WE. Doctors-Combatants of Breast Cancer Healthy


On October 25 is World Prevention Day Against Breast Cancer and in this occasion we present the E.M.E.I.S., Scientific Mastology Company-Healing-Support healthy figures.

I got the brochure E.M.E.I.S. randomly, in a typical visit to a gynaecological clinic for an audit. I read the bulging in the waiting room. After a while, I realised that nothing of what I read was typical and that 81 volunteer doctors and 649 volunteers who help citizens (among them many women who overcame cancer) is definitely not common.

What are
the JMG JS is a nonprofit organisation that aims to offer medical, surgical, nursing and psychological support to patients (women and men) with breast cancer who are in economically and socially vulnerable groups.
The highlight is that beyond the care and support in treatment company helps more daily -but equally si manti ka- issues such as the issuance of monthly season ticket on public transport or contacts for finding a job.

The overall aim of
the awakening of the population in prevention and early detection issues, information and awareness of, and mobilising citizen groups and active participation in the fight against breast cancer.

What are the criteria?
of course, to take a patient support is needed, it must meet certain requirements. Who are they; Have annual individual income below 6,500 € or family under 13,500 €. Also, it is necessary attestation from the insurance carrier that does not cover its costs and ends photocopy of the last 3 slips.

Together we can!
The company’s revenues from subscriptions and donations of members and individuals. If you want, therefore, to support the project, you can do one of the following ways: as a member, as a sponsor, as promoter / volunteer, as a company under the social responsibility programs. No contribution is not insignificant, even a man can make a difference for a fellow man.

The three motor
I looked at their website with interest and were three phrases that gained my attention and that -in my view condense all philosophy E.M.E.I.S. What were they? “Why the treatment is right, not a luxury!” “Why does breast cancer can be curable!” And “..healthy figures. because only together WE can more!”. The last sentence, in fact, is my favourite, because collectivity is something missing from our time, but it remains necessary to go one step forward.