Weight Loss: Why hinders us?

Weight Loss

Theoretical weight loss is easy, namely: reducing intakes calories lose weight.

Then why formula for weight loss is simple, people are not! Each man, in varying degrees, we never stop us all be at the mercy:

The aging process

Already years formed our eating habits

The ups and downs of our psychology

Socio-cultural pressures (certain body type, and social standards)

The inherent need to hunt for pleasure and enjoyment.

In short we have all, in different and separate stage for everyone to confront our human nature, which makes weight loss simple process complicated !!

People who manage to achieve especially to maintain the loss of extra kilos, what difference have from the others?

The people who have permanent effects on weight loss are those:

making a small step in changing their eating habits at a time

that increase their physical activity and stop skipping meals

searching within their life and work on how to address the causes of those who make them to turn to food for solace

learning to recognize when and how really hungry and when really satisfied hunger

and those who adopt a new, moderate in terms of portions and nutritious food model

Taking all the above (and making them gradually) and always within the context of a balanced diet, is the way that will help you succeed to lose the extra pounds and maintain healthy body weights!

TIP: Your state of mind reflects on your body and your physical condition in your psychology. The positive psychology plays an important role in your favorable outcome of the effort to lose weight, while the negative psychology, sadness, frustration, stress the scale and “psychosis” with a specific weight prevent you resume correctly, create your judgments panic and lead you to wrong choices. Be so happy with that succeed, think positive about it and that you do happen and marveling at the future with optimism.