What Are Electromagnetic Fields And How They Affect You?

Computers, mobile phones, microwaves, the WiFi, etc…

All devices you use every day and make your life easier also generate electromagnetic fields around you that affect your health negatively, which can cause problems such as insomnia, anxiety, allergies, dry skin, etc…We will explain what these fields, how they affect you and how you can avoid them to continue to enjoy their use without harming your health.

What are electromagnetic fields?

Today, there are electromagnetic fields everywhere because, even if you do not use electronic devices, waves from your neighbors arrive to you. Only people who live away from other people and without any cable or wired connection is free of them. But these fields are invisible to the human eye and certainly so do not give them the importance they deserve.


These fields are created by the concentration of electrical charges produced by all the devices and connections around you from television aerials or radio and telephone stations to sockets or radiographic machines and all kinds of electronic device. If you look around you will see that wherever you are, there are many electronic devices. When you put something into the outlet, electric fields are released into the air surrounding the electronic device.

The higher the voltage, the stronger the electric field. And if you connect a computer to the internet, you will see how many lines wifi detected. All these come in contact with your body.

It is important to note that there are natural electromagnetic fields, due to the earth’s energy and can also affect your health. You can greatly Guard and of those with the advice we give you in this article.

How affect your
There are still no more long-term studies to confirm all the negative effects of continued exposure to electromagnetic fields, because they have increased greatly in recent years. In any case, a person who passes the whole day in a highly charged environment can sense this effect in the patient. Many people who work in offices many times already face these problems daily.

Here are some of them:
Nervous system disorders: depression, anxiety, irritability, etc.
Vision problems
concentration problems, dizziness, disorientation
Infertility and problems during pregnancy
autoimmune diseases
Several studies also show that electromagnetic fields can be carcinogenic in the long term.

How to avoid
The best choice is to live in the nature, in a biological home without electronic connections. This option is impractical for most people.

Beyond try to avoid being surrounded by too many electronic devices as possible or try to use a wired connection to the Internet, especially in your bedroom or in areas of the house where you spend a lot of time, there are some ways to get rid of this electromagnetic pollution on a daily basis:

Walk barefoot in the sand or on the lawn for at least one hour

Sleep with a blanket of natural wool under your bed, because it functions as an insulating material.
Buy products that insulate the electromagnetic waves (there are some for mobile phones, for example).
Use copper to naturally make insulation (clothes with threads of copper, bronze bracelets, etc.) because the copper has protective properties of these waves.
You want to try something?
For more skeptics suggest an experiment. Boil water in the microwave every day for a month, and when it cools a bit, use it to water two identical plants, one with water warmed in the microwave and then cooled, and one with water directly from the tap.

After this time, you will see how each plant grows. It is possible that one can not survive or may not develop in the same way.