You then make the decision to lose weight and you followed every will lose weight, exercise more, even from your trainer and you have NOT lost gram!

The bottom line is you can drop your hopes on good God! Do not put it down! Your efforts failed to weight loss is not only affected by your diet. Maybe you do not consider, or even have never thought of, some factors related to lifestyle. Below are 3 tips on diet and your lifestyle that will lead you to the coveted weight loss.

Remove from your diet all foods that contain processed / simple carbohydrates and foods with high sugar content. Such foods are for example white bread, the treated white rice, white pasta, ice cream, desserts, sweets etc. The reason for this is that your body does not absorb very quickly this kind of food.

1:These foods hinder the weight loss process, and result in a sharp increase in blood sugar levels. The body stores the extra sugars in fat cells, resulting in weight gain. Instead, you can consume complex carbohydrates and healthy snacks, such as wholemeal bread, brown rice, wholemeal pasta, kouinoas seeds, almonds, beans, celery and carrots with hummus, berries, etc. These foods provide a more sustainable source of energy, as the disintegration and absorption by the body of the sugars contained in whole grains slowly, thus avoiding the accumulation of surplus quantities of sugar in fat cells. Thus contributing to weight loss.

2:The next important factor is sleep. Your body needs sufficient and uninterrupted sleep, especially when trying to lose weight. If not asleep and therefore not enough rest, your body remains in a state of stress and, as mentioned above, the frequent presentation of your organization in stress can cause weight gain and hinder loss of excess weight.

Another important factor is the frequent exposure of the body’s toxins through lifestyle and working environment. For example, if because of your work often exposed to pesticides, if you work in dry cleaning, often fly by plane,

Make daily bike in conditions of increased traffic, etc.

3:It may be more difficult to lose weight. This is because your body stores toxins in fat cells. If your liver is underactive and is not able to neutralize effectively the toxins, your body is not breaking down fat to release accumulated toxins (and if you exercise). Therefore, effort for as long as possible to reduce exposure to toxins. In this endeavor you ally eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, and foods that stimulate liver function such as asparagus, artichokes, arugula, watercress, etc., which contribute to enhance liver function.

Do not forget that in addition to improving your diet, just as important is the management and improvement (where possible) the factors in your daily life that lead to permanent stress. To do all these, do small steps and seek the support of a partner, close friends and family. Their support is important in tough times when you try to lose weight.