What Causes Pain in The Heel

Heel Pain

Pain in the heels is a common and equally annoying problem and it is certain that at some stage of your life will unfortunately encounter.

It’s a stabbing pain that spreads to the feet and hinders our normal movement … But what is causing this pain? In this article we will refer to some of the most basic causes of pain in the heels.

What causes pain in the heel?

Pain in the heels occurs naturally after physical exercise or a minor accident or can also occur suddenly without any substantial reason. The heel is the largest of the 26 bones of the human foot, which in turn contain 33 joints. The foot is a sophisticated and sensitive end by more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Therefore it is absolutely normal that the health and integrity of several times endangering.

When pain occurs, usually the feeling at the front or at the back of the heel. If the pain is severe enough it can even affect the way you walk. There are several reasons, which we will analyze in detail below, but above all by your doctor should be the one who will make the first diagnosis of the cause that causes you this pain in the heels.

1. acanthus heel

The spines heel are undoubtedly the most common cause of pain in the heel. But what is actually the heel spurs? The spine is the development of a bone at the bottom of the heel, which extends beyond the normal heel. Even a few millimeters development of this bone sufficient to cause you this unbearable pain. The spines tend triggers after excessive fatigue of muscles and tendons of the foot, stretching the group of tissue connecting the heel to the ball of the foot and cutting the membrane covering the heel and the bone. How is this so? Since a slip, wearing inappropriate shoes, running improperly or even due to obesity.

2. Plantar fasciitis


If the pain extends to the foot, you will probably suffer from plantar fasciitis. This is caused when the fibrous connective tissue (phase) becomes inflamed. Inflammation can be caused by stress, a maximum walking, running or long-term use of bad shoes.

The plantar fasciitis occurs when the soft fibrous tissue of the foot is pressed far and has reached its limits or cut. However, you should remember that the spines are commonly associated with this condition.

When you suffer from plantar fasciitis, the rest of the affected leg will temporarily ease the pain. The pain will return each time you move your heel. It is necessary to see a doctor and follow its recommendations and guidelines of treatment guidelines that will give you. As for home remedies, remember that ice soothes the pain and the massage with rosemary oil will help reduce inflammation. Good results will also provide you with tying the heel showing inflammation or rolling your foot on a bottle of iced water.

3. hyperpronation


The hyperpronation does not look so serious. This happens when not walking properly. When we walk our first heel strikes the ground and the weight is moved along the outside of the foot to the big toe. When kylame our leg, i.e. overreach the arch automatically generated an abnormal stretching of the tendons and ligaments attached to the bottom of the heel. This injury if not corrected can have negative effects on the knees and hips. If we are not careful in the way.

4. Other causes of pain heels

The rheumatoid and other forms of arthritis: A common and painful condition in which the joints of the heel also with arthritis.
Gout: An excessive amount of uric acid in our body can cause inflammation not only in the big toe of our foot and the heel. The discomfort is very intense.
Bursitis: Surely you’ve heard of the bursitis. Not like the spine of the heel, but in this case a rib which grows abnormally and limits mobility.

Deformity Haglund (opisthopterniki bursitis): It is also a fairly common condition. The cause? Too frequent use of high-heeled shoes. It is a development of the back bone of the heel, directly on the Achilles tendon, and are very painful.

Inflammation of the Achilles tendon: If your life is filled with physical activities or do some sport then you definitely know this kind of injury.

The inflammation is called tendonitis and is caused when the specific part of the foot is constantly stretched.
Bruising Bone: Actually this is caused by a bump, such as a slip or if accidentally hit something with your foot, or if you suddenly hit. In this case it is not difficult to understand what you should do. The first thing is to put ice on your foot.