What Causes Red Marks On Your Skin?

Causes Red Mark

It is fairly common to have in your skin at least a red mark.

The signs are small and have a deep red color, and sometimes is embossed and appear mostly on the neck, chest and back. But what causes it? One must be careful of? Is dangerous; We will explain below to Rest assured.

The small, red marks that have a very bright red color tend to scare you when you suddenly appear on your skin. They do not hurt, but look bad and all we want to know why suddenly appear. It is because of your diet? Associated with an illness? We will start by saying that it is not serious, but nevertheless you should check them. In this article we will talk about it in detail.

What causes red marks?
For some people, a sign of birth is an attractive touch to the skin. However, most often presented some changes in the characteristics of those signs must be checked. The scientific name of the red signs are “kerasoeidi hemangiomas» ( «cherry angioma»). They occur mainly in people with very white skin or aged.
As mentioned before, there tend to be dangerous, but if you suddenly see a large number of them, you should consult a doctor because surely experience a great change in your body. Experts link such changes with liver problems.

They may also result from poor nutrition of a person, with the accumulation of many toxins in the intestine or liver.

Their origin is due to abnormal growth of small blood vessels.
Their dimension is between 1 and 4 mm. Are these red olives likely to have occurred in places such as the armpits, heels, genitals, chest, back, legs, arms …
Red marks like these on your face, on your hands and other exposed parts of your body may be due to excessive sun exposure. Therefore you should be very careful.
Observe the edges and texture. If the edges are irregular, rough texture and size is more than 6 mm, you should consult your dermatologist.
Pay attention to children. Children with very pale skin may also have such red marks. You need to frequently monitor to have it under control.
It is often hereditary.
They may also occur due to small hormonal disorders in women.
Still, it is likely to occur due to age.
As soon as you notice a red sign like this on your skin, the first thing to avoid is panic, as there are so serious and do not tend to need some kind of treatment. In any case, you should follow these instructions:

See a doctor if they occur a lot on your chest. One or two are not important, but anything above that number, especially if you suddenly appeared, is a sign of a health problem.

Check whether the olive shape is symmetrical or asymmetrical. If you notice that is asymmetrical, see a doctor.

Look at the color. If left red then there is no problem, but if it is getting darker, then you should inform your doctor.
Treatment and Prevention
According to experts, in order to stop the appearance of those red marks and reduce their impact, it is necessary to clean your intestines and help your liver to become stronger.
Try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and drink a lot of juices. It is very beneficial to eat carrots, artichokes and celery.
The alga Spirulina, for example, is ideal for the absorption of toxins found in the intestine.
Put in your diet avocados, like olive oil.
Start your day with a glass of lemon juice.
Drink at least two glasses of juice a day (with cranberries, pineapple or pomegranate).
Avoid dairy products. Replace with vegetable milk.
Drink dandelion extract once a day. It is very detoxifying.
Except to follow a balanced diet in order to prevent their occurrence, you should protect yourself from sun exposure. You can prevent the signs that appear in your face and neck to be used sunscreen. Always try to keep your skin hydrated, consume a lot of vitamin C and avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours of the day.
These signs do not tend to disappear. If annoy you, you can resort to more traditional, natural remedies, such as, for example, the placement of a dressing with onion juice daily until disappear. Another solution is to swallow a tablet of vitamin C at regular intervals. In any case it is recommended to prevent the appearance with a balanced diet that prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body. This will certainly be a great gift for your skin.