What is the Perfect Breast, According to Men?

When not trying to eliminate cancer or to save the planet from overheating, scientists grapple with the simple daily issues that concern the average person.

With strenuous efforts, we now have the answer to the question: What chest ultimately prefer men?

Scientists from Charles University in Prague questioned 267 men from four countries (Brazil, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Namibia) what their preferences regarding the shape and size of the female breast. Surprisingly, and in contrast to previous studies on the same issue, the size did not seem to count for the respondents!

The vast majority of men favored a woman’s breasts are shapely and firmer than too large since in the latter case is more likely to experience a significant relaxation due to gravity.

The breast is considered as a sign of female fertility, so until now had prevailed the belief that men are instinctively attracted to women with a richer bust. However, new evidence seems to invalidate the data. “Individual preferences regarding breast size had variety, but most participants seemed to prefer more the medium despite the large chest,” the researchers wrote in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. However, that complement the firmness of the breast was a trait that was rated as highly desired by all the participants.