What Should I Know Any Woman For The “Sensitive Area”


The genital area of the woman has a special physiology, with millions -vlaverous microorganisms and beneficial. With proper hygiene and care, will maintain the necessary balance and thus avoid the possibility of infections.

– The bay has a “self-cleaning” system which means that some of the functions carried out in order to remain clean. When you feel you need to do something to freshen the area … down there, for example at the end of the period, after se-x or if you feel itchy, then you can clean it with water and a special product with very light composition that normal mucosa balance not shifted.

– Prefer the daily shower instead of the bath. When you fill the tub and sink in the water, the skin bacteria can reach the sensitive area and cause problems.

– Moisture offers the best environment for the proliferation of germs, so I’ll have to avoid. This means that you should change underwear after gymnastics and wear dry swimwear when you exit the pool or the sea.

– Women should always wiped the toilet from front to back. The counter increases the chances of transferred bacteria from the anus impurities to the genital area. If you have daughters, you are sure to find out what a very young age, just make the diaper.

– Always wipe your hands, not only after but also before the toilet. This will avoid carrying germs from your hands into the vagina. Never sit when using toilets in public places.

– When you are unwell, be sure to change pad every 4-5 hours maximum. Note that the probability of vaginal infection is greater during the period. Make a douche after se-x to prevent the development of infections.

– Be sure to change underwear daily or twice daily (for example, if you exercise). Prefer cotton panties that do not favor the development of moisture.

– Do not forget the annual gynecological check with your doctor. If you see any symptoms such as redness, increased secretion of vaginal fluids often change color or have an unpleasant odor, stinging, swelling, itching, pain in the lower abdomen or during se-xual intercourse (dyspareunia), then a visit to the doctor should be scheduled immediately.

Products for the hygiene of the sensitive area

The series DermoXEN® products are specially designed for the hygiene of the sensitive area and effectively take care of.

With the pH value as the sensitive area, respect the natural balance of the mucosa and does not alter the skin’s natural defenses. All DermoXEN® products contain plant nutrients (96% Vegetable), are soft to the skin, respecting its natural balance and cleanse effectively, ensuring -taftochrona- deep protection.
All products are:
– No Parabens
– Without SLS / SLES
– Dermatological, Gynecological and Clinically Tested
– Hypoallergenic

The series consists of nine products:
Cleaning the sensitive area
Intimo Proneem (200ml) Liquid detergent DermoXEN Intimo Proneem daily use for the sensitive area is aimed at women of childbearing age. The daily use, works proactively preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi due to factors such as:
– Taking medication
– Hormonal disorders
– The stress
– Se-x
– Prolonged exposure to swimming pools and sauna
Contains: propolis extract (which helps prevent fungal and bacteria) Neem Oil (an essential oil that helps in hydration and


Intimo Lenitivo (200ml) Liquid detergent DermoXEN Intimo Lenitivo daily use for the sensitive area is aimed at women of menopausal age. The daily use works both proactively preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi and against vaginal Dryness due to factors such as:
– Menopause
– Taking certain medications
– Hormonal changes
– The stress
Contains: Aloe vera (having moisturizing and soothing), Baobab & Saw Palmetto extract (which provides protection and hydration), the lotus flower extract (rich in protein, phenols and vitamin C). Does not contain Paraben, SLS / SLES.

Intimo 4 Girls (200ml) Liquid detergent DermoXEN Intimo 4Girls daily use for the sensitive area is aimed at young girls from 4-13 years for deep cleansing action. Suitable for safe everyday use but also for the prevention of mild pain. The composition contributes to the maintenance of natural flora vagina and creating a hostile environment for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Contains: propolis extract (helps prevent fungi and bacteria). Neem Oil (an essential oil that helps in hydration and skin resurfacing). Does not contain Paraben, SLS / SLES.

Care for the sensitive area
Crema Lenitiva (50ml) Soothing cream against itching and redness of the sensitive area. Aimed at reproductive age and menopausal women. Particularly effective in treating the discomfort caused due to itching, redness, burning sensation and other mikroenochliseis the sensitive woman. Contains: Zanthalene® (vegetable extracts were antipuritic action), Avenanthramide (oat protein derivative which relieves the sensation of discomfort, soothes and relieves pain). It does not contain Cortisone,

Florexil Vaginal Douche (140ml) – Vaginal shower (to pH 4) for local hygiene of the sensitive area, thanks to the combined action of active ingredients, capable of forming a shield against infections and offers a pleasant and prolonged freshness and wellness. The DermoXEN Florexil vaginal shower may be used:
– For the removal of blood residues after the period.
– For topical hygiene after

Contains: Thyme Echinacea extract (active ingredients which provide protection against infections), essential oil of clove (helps prevent fungi and bacteria). Does not contain Paraben, SLS /

– Prior to and during menopause.
– If vaginal dryness, as a soothing agent.
– To avoid dyspareunia and subsequent painful stimulation during coitus.
Contains: Extracts Lygaria (helps combat the problems of menopause), hyaluronic acid (provides effective long-lasting hydration), sorbitol (hydrate sensitive area while preserving the normal flora of the vagina). Does not contain Paraben, SLS / SLES.

Freshness for the sensitive area
Dayfresh Intimate Wipes Maxi The wet wipes of DermoXEN Dayfresh series for the sensitive area are an innovation in the daily personal hygiene. They give a sense of freshness and wellness at any time of day. With prebiotics, chamomile and lactic acid, oligosaccharides, inulin and alpha-glucan in their composition, help to maintain strong natural defenses, especially when it is threatened by periods of intense stress during the period or menopause, to beaches, swimming pools, saunas etc. They have gentle soothing and clean the outer area while respecting its physiological pH. Does not contain alcohol, SLES / SLS, Paraben and pigments, is gynecological tested and their fragrance is hypoallergenic. Pack with 20 wipes.

Dayfresh Intimate Wipes Monodose Liquid wipes series DermoXEN Dayfresh for the sensitive area in practical package of 10 Monodeso (packaged separately each).

Deo Soft Cool Spray (100ml) The must have product of the series is the deodorant for sensitive area DermoXEN Soft Cool offering effective deodorant and refreshing effect, but prevents the skin to breathe or to alter the natural pH of the sensitive area. It can safely be used daily and during the days of the period or on days with a high temperature and for women who do sport and want to feel comfortable throughout the day! Contains Paraben, SLS / SLES, alcohol and dyes. Available in bottle of 100ml –