What To Eat When Recovering From a Viral Infection

Proper nutrition when flu or colds pass a basic “weapon” to ensure faster recovery and return as directly as possible in our activities.

What to look for in terms of quantity and quality of food we consume during recovery?
First, we should give special attention to our energy intake, according to the Organization of Central Purchasing and Fisheries. Many times viruses make us and we can not consume adequate amounts of food, resulting in a further weakening of the organism. Try frequent small meals to get the energy they need. Do not skip meals because your body needs the energy to recover. And to know that a diet of fewer than 1200 calories per day weakens the immune function.

One of the most important components needed by our body is proteins.

These proteins help the body is solid and strong. Also, the basic components of proteins, namely amino acids, used for the construction of the components the immune system. To meet your protein needs select lean products (chicken, fish, turkey, rabbit, beef, pork, eggs). Another feature of lean meat that is a good source of iron and zinc, ingredients that are necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.

It is very important to be sure to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, as they contain substances such as vitamin C, which plays an important role in the activation of T cells that fight against viruses. In addition, fruits and vegetables contain vitamin A, vitamin E, and flavonoids, which work together to strengthen the body’s defenses.

Consume foods rich in probiotics such as yogurt, as studies show that reducing the time duration of a cold. Research has shown that probiotic consumption reduces the time remain ill during two days. Also, probiotics reduce tension headaches and cough. Choose to eat yogurt with probiotics particularly with strains case and Lactobacillus Reuters, as it is scientifically proven to improve the immune response.

Finally, do not forget proper hydration.

Adequate hydration is very useful for the body, as it helps in replenishing the fluid waste, especially if we are in a feverish state. Consume So enough fluids such as water, green tea, mountain tea (of course without added sugar).
The most important thing is to remember that a proper and balanced diet that includes foods from all food groups are what the body needs at all times, let alone when they are overworked.

by: healthy figures