Whatever You Eat at Night I Wake Up With a Bloated Belly

Bloated Belly

I am 26 years old and quite impossible. Whatever you eat in the evening (or even a salad) I wake up with the swollen belly. Can you tell me some meals that make me I level results? Only if you do not eat all night I flat tummy the next day.
Hi Irene,
Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day, and at night is not enough energy left in the body, in order to devote himself to the digestive process. If we observe that in the morning we wake up with abdominal bloating, it is time to change what you eat in the evening.
The two main things to watch out for is to consume your last meal 1-2 hours before you fall asleep and to check if you have a bowel sensitivity to dairy products and vegetables.
Below we give you some good options for dinner that will have enough and will not inflate in:
1 toast with wholemeal bread and cheese.
Roast chicken or boiled and salad selection.
Semi-skimmed milk or yogurt with whole grains weight loss diet plan
If they continue puffiness, you may want to consult a Gastroenterology and then contact a graduate dietitian to design your personalised diet plan tailored to your needs.

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