Why Peeled Nails? Causes, Treatments And Solutions

If you wonder why your nails peeled then this article definitely is for you.

Many different may be the reasons for this situation: stress to poor nutrition, thyroid problems or remaining nail in water for a long time. This article will analyze the causes, treatments and solutions for breaking and peeling nails.

What causes the peeling of the nails?.

As we said, the reasons for which peeled nails vary. It is advisable to mark your doctor and discuss with him, but you can still treat your nails at home or to make use of a preventive therapy.

If your nails peeled malnutrition, this is due to lack of calcium.

To reverse the situation, you should consume dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, cheese and spinach, Swiss chard and other vegetables. Avoid soft drinks, tea, coffee, etc. because prevent proper absorption of this important nutrient. You can also start taking supplements with vitamins A, B, C, and calcium.

If the cause of unsightly and annoying peeling nail is the lack of hydration, we recommend that you consume fruits, liquids (water and juices) and also vegetables like tomatoes, not to worsen the situation. Apply moisturizer to your nails once a day. If possible, do it before bedtime or after an extended stay or contact your nail with water (eg when washing clothes by hand after washing many dishes after bathing children or after the bath bathtub). You can also do the same if you are from those who constantly bite their nails, because nails so they have frequent contact with water (ie, saliva), which removes the layers of the nail.

As for the aesthetic aspect of it, some cosmetic procedures can damage the nail health.

For example, fake nails or excessive use of the file, the poor quality varnishes or you have very formaldehyde, repeated drying your nails when it is still wet, remove the varnish when in contact with it), or to not wait a couple of days between the varnish applications, not leaving nails breathe.

Another cause is the contact with chemicals such as disinfectants and cleaners, without the use of gloves. You should avoid this forever because detergents, soaps and similar products cause skin irritations and peeling nails.


The thyroid diseases can also cause problems of strength and toughness to the nails. If you have problems with your thyroid gland, definitely visit an endocrinologist, to give you appropriate drugs that match your situation to adjust its symptoms.

Finally, nails can be peeled due to stress or lack of sleep. These two factors can be adjusted if you start to leave the problems of the office in the office before leaving. Find more positive approach to the problems you have with your partner, think how to solve any economic problems and so on. There are excellent natural ways to sleep better. Drink a herbal tea will relax the body and mind before bedtime.

How to improve the condition of nails peeled
Do not use varnish cheap and of poor quality, since they usually contain harmful chemicals for nails, that make them weaker.

Use special coatings that prevent peeling. There are many cosmetics specifically designed to tackle this problem and will usually find the word “therapeutic” or “treatment” on their labels.
Apply nail strengthener three times a week.
Do not cut or pull the layers peeled from your nails, not to destroy more points of the nail to remain healthy.
Mix a little apple cider vinegar and a little water in a bowl and dip your fingers in it three times a week, for three minutes each time.

Buy a special nail file and file it with the peeled layers of polish, making slow and gentle movements, removing them. This will become more smooth. We do not recommend you do this too often, because then your nails will come too minute.
Moisten a cotton ball with olive oil and rub it with your nails. Will moisturize and seal the points of peeled resources.

How to make homemade tonics nail
If you have weak nails that frequently break, you need a good nail strengthener. This will make them strong and healthy. There are many brands tonic nail in stores, but there are natural homemade recipes that are as effective, but significantly cheaper.


Energizing nail cream: use 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon pure honey, a pinch of salt and one egg yolk. Mix all ingredients and apply the mixture on nails. Let sit for 20.

Extra virgin olive oil: oil for several minutes before going to bed. Alternatively, just moisten cotton with olive oil and massage your nails every night. If the mix with almond oil, you will make a powerful mix for stronger nails (two tablespoons of oil each). Apply to nails and cuticles and let stand for ten minutes.
Enhanced tonic: If you have already bought nail strengthener from the pharmacy or a drugstore, add one clove crushed garlic, 5 drops of lemon and 5 drops of iodine. Mix well and let it sit for two days. Apply for the next two weeks.
Onion: cut an onion in half and put your nail between two pieces for five minutes. Then allow to air dry.