Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

y Women Need More Sleep

Why does the brain work more!

This study showed that they did at Duke University researchers. It has also demonstrated that the consequences of lack of sleep is more important in women than in men.

The research gives advice that women should sleep as to not have heart problems, depression or psychological problems.

Psychologist and expert Michael Breus sleep issues conducted research to explore the needs of women and men sleeping hours studied and their ability to cope with the lack of rest. The investigation showed that there are big differences between the two $exes  on this subject.

“We found that women suffer more from depression and anger and hostile waking when they do not get enough sleep,”

Notes Breus. This difference between the $exes  depends on many biological factors, but experts estimate that the mental energy expenditure is the main reason. Women use more of their brains than men.

“One of be self-corrected. During deep sleep, the part of the brain responsible for thinking, for memory, for language, etc., disconnect and passes in rest phase. The more you use your brain during the day, the more you need to rest and the more you need to sleep. Women who have many responsibilities do many things simultaneously. So use their brain more than men, sleep Loughborough University in England.

This means that a man needs a lot of sleep if used much his brain ,

you need to sleep more than the average male average, but certainly not as much of Breus and colleagues spurred other scientists to look for the consequences of lack of sleep on health. Scientists that sleep deprivation has consequences to premature aging of the skin.

Other studies have linked poor sleep habits with increased risk of mental disorders and heart problems,

Today, 80% of adults sleep less than needed (between 7 and 9 hours a night).