With a Sense of Misery Associated Overuse Facebook Christmas

misery associated overuse Facebook

Long hours monitoring the life of other users on Facebook.

Where the user sees and photographs of “perfect” families and “perfect” holiday is likely to make him unhappy than to put him in a festive mood!

Research of the University of Copenhagen published the BBC reports that excessive use of social media can cause feelings of envy, as people at risk of spending long hours watching the accounts of other users and thus inevitably resort to “unrealistic social comparisons”.

Specifically, researchers warn of the negative effects that may have visited social media without being users in touch with other people.

 sense of misery associated overuse Facebook Christmas
The study, in fact, scientists suggest users take a break from visits to social media.

The survey involved more than 1,000 people – mostly women. According to scientists, ‘regular use of social media, like Facebook, can negatively affect the emotional state and satisfaction that one has of life. ”
The active, however, the presence of social media, such as communication with other users, shows a much more positive experience, according to the study published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking.
This activity is much less constricted than that of ‘passive’ users who spend too many hours ‘spying’ other users on social media without communicating with them.
Another approach to improve mood, according to the study, is to completely stop someone visits to social media for a week.