Women, The Brain And Alcohol

Brain And Alcohol

Women show faster brain atrophy due to alcohol than men.

Chronic excessive alcohol consumption, except for the brain, adversely affect the heart, muscles and liver. The lesions in the brain and other organs caused by chronic excessive alcohol consumption, grow faster in women than in men.

The vulnerability that women have alcohol creates for them more risks.

Increased alcohol consumption by women observed in our time, in addition to other health risks, significantly increases the chances of road accidents as well as xexually transmitted diseases due to irresponsible xexual behavior and absence to take protective measures.

Unfortunately there is now in Europe a significant increase in alcohol consumption. It is worrying that increasing alcohol consumption recorded largely at young people between 18 and 24 years, especially in women.

In many European countries the problem affects not only the young adults and adolescents. Affected many countries but the lead in alcohol consumption by women are the UK, Germany and Holland.


Teenage girls already seem to reach or exceed the consumption of their peers boys. In the UK, the alcohol consumption of young women has doubled in 10 years.

For men and women who consume the same amount of alcohol, the damage to the brain and other organs, settle faster. Individuals suffering from addiction to alcohol, have loss of brain tissue, which results in brain atrophy.

German doctors from the University of Heidelberg, studied with the help of CT, brain 158 people. Of the participants in the survey, 76 were women and 82 men. The 34 men and 42 women had an alcohol problem.

Women were alcohol on average duration of 5.5 years and consumed about 13 drinks each day. In men the alcoholism time duration averaged 10.5 years and alcohol consumption was about 17 drinks a day. Alcohol.

The good news is that abstinence from alcohol, at least for 6 weeks followed by a partial regression of brain atrophy.

A weakness of this interesting research is that the duration of excessive drinking, was different in men than in women. It is necessary to make studies to compare the negative effects of addiction to alcohol in men and women who consume equal amounts of alcohol for the same number of years.

In summary we will restrain that confirms the existence of differences between the xes with regard to the negative effects of alcohol on health.

The fastest women’s addiction to alcohol, accompanied by higher risks for brain, heart, muscles, liver without forgetting the increased risk of accidents and -xually transmitted diseases that characterize the social scourge of alcoholism.