Wonderful Legs Without Varicose Veins And Spider Veins Skin Care

Wonderful legs

By Mr Mario Valsami, member de la Societe Francaise de Phlebologie, the member of the American College of Phlebology.

Thanks to modern treatments for spider veins and varicose veins, these venous diseases will cease to employ and afflict women.

A look at the problem
Varicose veins : These are enlarged and tortuous veins protruding beneath our skin and the second stage of the venous disease. Usually appear on our legs and rarest thighs. Presented at 1/3 of the population and more often in women.
Vascular : It’s not broken, small, red and blue vessels on the skin that resemble the spider web. It is the first stage of the venous disease. Also, employ more often women.

What caused
Heredity plays the most important role, along with age. Important factors are also the pregnancy, birth and menopause. Also, obesity and orthostatic occupations predisposing to varicose veins.
Varicose veins is a condition benign and rarely cause complications. But because of the time that will constantly appear swell and spread, right is to treat at early stages for the better quality of life and better cosmetic results.

The novel methods of treatment of varicose veins
Two new methods have now substituted the classic and quite invasive surgery of variances. Both methods are intraluminal: penetrate with a needle into the vein and destroying it without cuts!
Laser (Laser ablation) or RF : We use heat to destroy the vein. Introducing into the lumen of the pathological vein an optical laser fibre or a fibre of radio frequencies and, after making local anaesthesia conjointly play of the tip of the fibre, which burns the vein. The vein feeding the varicose dies and is absorbed by the body. Varicose over time shrink and less lost. But when varicose veins are larger, may not disappear completely. In these cases, we can remove them with mikroflevektomes local anaesthesia and the laser time for better and faster cosmetic results. The patient leaves a little time for the house and walking the next day or two days to go to work. The method is simple, safe and has a good and lasting results to date. However, the ugly venules and veins are not treated and will require treatment with sclerosing injections later.
Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy with foam : import into the lumen of the vein through a needle and with the guidance of specialised ultrasonic, agents or foams and die chemical the damaging veins. The method is to practice safely, without precautions and limitations, without bandages, recovery, incisions and anaesthesia. Required several visits depending on the extent of varicose veins and simultaneously treated varicose veins and unsightly venules integrated aesthetic.

How treat spider veins
Treatment of spider veins with sclerosing liquid or foam injections are the best method and gives excellent results in treating unsightly broken vessels in the skin. Tiny injections are given in the clinic without bandages and without limitations on our daily lives. It is an excellent technique that allows us to achieve beautiful aesthetic results. The number of visits depends on the size of the problem.

O Marios Valsamis graduated from the University of Athens Medical School and specialised in surgery. After he specialised in phlebology in Paris. Since 1997 dedicated to the venous disease