Zika Virus Temuto

The dreaded Zika virus, which has spread to Africa and parts of Europe, was detected in India.

The WHO verified three cases of Zika virus in Ahmedabad, victim a pregnant woman, which was positive in January this year. These cases were analyzed in government, early labs in January 2016, then in November 2016 and the latest in January 2017.

Zika virus, evolved from the Zika Forest in Uganda, is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. This contagious virus can travel from man to man through mosquito bites.

A statement issued by WHO stated: “The Ministry of Health and Family Health, the Government of India reported three cases of Zika virus disease lab in the Bapunagar District, Ahmedabad District, Gujarat State of India confirmed.”

The first reports of viruses coming to India came out in January this year. Let’s look at the illness, its causes, and how it can be prevented.

Zika Virus – How do you send it?

Zika Virus Temuto How do you send it

Zika is caused by the bite of a mosquito called Aedes species. If a pregnant woman gets infected, the infant also shrinks. Although the Zika virus is rampant in India, three cases have arisen in Ahmedabad are of concern. Researchers are working to find out if there are other ways in which the virus is transmitted to other humans.

Zika Virus Symptoms:

Zika Virus Temuto Symptoms

Its symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis. As the virus spreads into the body, the infected person complains of muscular pain and headaches. These symptoms can last several days or weeks, serious cases may require hospitalization.

Zika Virus Treatment:

Zika Virus Temuto Treatment

Researchers are working to find a vaccine for this virus. According to the researchers, an effective and safe vaccine against Zika virus takes three to ten years to develop.

Agencies working on vaccines have suggested that aspirin should be avoided by the person with Zika virus diagnosis.